KBA Boys Preaseason Tournament Results

Tournament Champions and Finalists

UpdatedTuesday December 3, 2019 byKBA Board.

Congratulations to the champions and finalists of the 26th Annual Kings Youth Basketball Preseason Invitational.





6th Grade Gold Champion - Kings-Nurre

6th Grade Gold Finalist - Little Miami-Williams

6th Grade Silver Champion - Hamilton Blue Stars-Brann

6th Grade Silver Finalist - Mason Comets-Migut

5th Grade Gold Champion - Ohio Buckeyes-Chivers

5th Grade Gold Finalist - Lebanon-Sands

5th Grade Silver Champion - SAC-Farquhar

5th Grade Silver Finalist - Milford-Lambdin

4th Grade Gold Champion - Ohio Buckeyes-Mills

4th Grade Gold Finalist - SAC-Danner

4th Grade Silver Champion - SAC-Holt

4th Grade Silver Finalist - Goshen-Hadley